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    • Causative Mutations and Mechanism of Androgenetic Hydatidiform Moles 

      Nguyen, N.M.P.; Ge, Z.-J.; Reddy, R.; Fahiminiya, S.; Sauthier, P.; Bagga, R.; Sahin, F.I.; Mahadevan, S.f; Osmond, M.; Breguet, M.; Rahimi, K.; Lapensee, L.; Hovanes, K.; Srinivasan, R.; Van den Veyver, I.B.; Sahoo, T.; Ao, A.; Majewski, J.; Taketo, T.; Sim, R. (2018)
      Androgenetic complete hydatidiform moles are human pregnancies with no embryos and affect 1 in every 1,400 pregnancies. They have mostly androgenetic monospermic genomes with all the chromosomes originating from a haploid ...