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    • Mediterranean diet as the diet of choice for patients with chronic kidney disease 

      Sezer, Siren; Chauveau, Philippe; Aparicio, Michel; Bellizzi, Vincenzo; Campbell, Katrina; Hong, Xu; Johansson, Lina; Kolko, Anne; Molina, Pablo; Wanner, Christoph; Ter Wee, Pieter M.; Teta, Daniel; Fouque, Denis; Carreo, Juan (2018)
      Traditional dietary management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) focuses on the quantity within the diet of energy and protein, and the restriction of single micronutrients, with little mention of dietary quality. Dietary ...
    • Retarding chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression: a practical nutritional approach for non-dialysis CKD 

      Sezer, Siren; Bellizzi, Vincenzo; Carrero, Jan Jesus; Chauveau, Philippe; Cozzolino, Mario; Cupisti, Adamasco; D'Alessandro, Claudia; De Nicola, Luca; Fiaccadori, Enrico; Johansson, Lina; Minutolo, Roberto; Molina, Pablo; Ter Wee, Pieter; Teta, Daniel; Wanner, Christoph; Calella, Patrizia; Fouque, Denis (2016)
      This is a case report on a patient with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease (CKD) in whom several nutritional issues are briefly discussed from a practical point of view. The article is accompanied by an editorial published ...