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    • Comparison between corneal cross-linking, topical antibiotic and combined therapy in experimental bacterial keratitis model 

      Demirbilek, Muge; Kilic, Begum Bulam; Altiors, Dilek Dursun; Ogus, Ersin (2018)
      Purpose: This study was conducted to investigate the effects of an experimental bacterial keratitis model on the corneal collagen cross-linking treatment (CXL), and also to compare topical antibiotic treatment with the ...
    • The Impacts of Central Fatigue on the Polyphasic Nature of Tapping Performance 

      Kiziltan, Erhan; Aydin, Leyla; Ogus, Ersin; Azizagaoglu, Bahadir; Buyukkaraman, Arda; Doga, Selen; Ertuk, Gizem; Kus, Cansel (2018)
      Objective: As a non-specific symptom muscle fatigue mostly accompanies neuromuscular diseases and also occurs frequently in healthy individuals. Fatigue phenomenon is considered to be multidimensional symptom. There have ...
    • Usage of Analgesics among Young Girls and Dysmenorrhea 

      Oksuz, Ergun; Sozen, Fisun; Kavas, Ece; Arik, Elif Pinar; Akgun, Yasemin; Bingol, Puren; Kotuz, Pinar; Ogus, Ersin (2017)
      Objective: This study aimed to determine dysmenorrhea prevalence and menstruation characteristics among young girls and whether dysmenorrhea affects the use of analgesics. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted ...