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    • Painful skin lesions and squamous cell carcinoma predict overall mortality risk in organ transplant recipients: a cohort study 

      Seckin, D.; Oh, C.C.; Hofbauer, G.F.L.; Serra, A.L.; Harwood, C.A.; Mitchell, L.; Proby, C.M.; Olasz, E.B.; Mosel, D.D.; Piaserico, S.; Fortina, A.B.; Geusau, A.; Jahn-Bassler, K.; Gerritsen, M. J. P.; Gulec, A.T.; Cetkovska, P.; Ricar, J.; Imko-Walczuk, B.; Debska-Slizien, A.; Bavinck, J. N. Bouwes (2017)
      BackgroundOrgan transplant recipients (OTRs) have a highly increased risk of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs). Sensation of pain in cutaneous tumours is a powerful patient-reported warning signal for invasive SCCs ...