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    • Analysis of the treatment costs of HIV/AIDS in Turkey 

      Malhan, Simtem; Zengin, Tuba Elbir; Yenilmez, Fatma Betul; Dalgic, Canan; Cerci, Pamir; Oksuz, Ergun; Unal, Serhat (2016)
      OBJECTIVE: Infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the causative agent of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), is a major global health problem. Patients with HIV can live normal lives with today's ...
    • Modeling the burden of cardiovascular disease in Turkey 

      Malhan, Simten; Oksuz, Mehmet Ergun; Balbay, Yucel; Gagnon-Arpin, Isabelle; Sutherland, Greg; Dobrescu, Alexandru; Villa, Guillermo; Ertugrul, Gulnihal; Habib, Mohdhar (2018)
      Objective: This study aims to estimate the current and future burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in Turkey. Methods: A burden-of-disease model was developed that included inputs on population growth, prevalence, ...