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    • Detection of COVID-19 by Machine Learning Using Routine Laboratory Tests 

      Cubukcu, Hikmet Can; Topcu, Deniz Ilhan; Bayraktar, Nilufer; Gulsen, Murat; Sari, Nuran; Arslan, Ayse Hande (2021)
      Objectives The present study aimed to develop a clinical decision support tool to assist coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) diagnoses with machine learning (ML) models using routine laboratory test results. Methods We ...
    • Effect of Left Ventricular Assist Devices on Red Blood Cell Distribution Width 

      Ersoy, Ozgur; Gultekin, Bahadir; Ozkan, Murat; Akkaya, Ilknur; Umaroglu, Sevi; Sezgin, Atilla (2015)
      Objectives: Red blood cell distribution width is a measure of the variability in the size of circulating erythrocytes, which is calculated by automated blood cell counters as part of a routine blood cell count analysis. ...