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    • On reflexivity of the Bochner space L-P (mu, E) for arbitrary mu 

      Cengiz, Bahaettin; Gunturk, Banu (2018)
      Let (Omega, A, mu) be a finite positive measure space, E a Banach space, and 1 < p < infinity. It is known that the Bochner space L-P (mu, E) is reflexive if and only if E is reflexive. It is also known that L(L-1(mu), E) ...
    • On some properties of hyperstonean spaces 

      Gunturk, Banu; Cengiz, Bahaettin (2018)
      This paper is devoted to hyperstonean spaces that are precisely the Stone spaces of measure algebras, or the Stone spaces of the Boolean algebras of L-p-projections of Banach spaces for 1 <= p < infinity, p not equal 2. ...