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    • Comparison Of The Third Molar Maturity Index (I-3M) Between Left And Right Lower Third Molars To Assess The Age Of Majority: A Multi-Ethnic Study Sample 

      Angelakopoulos, N.; Galic, I.; Kis, H.C.; Jimenez, L. Gomez; Zolotenkova, G.; Balla, S. B.; Yusof, M. Y. P. Mohd; Selmanagic, A. Hadzic; Pandey, H.; Pereira, C. Palmela; Nobrega, J. B. M.; Hettiarachchi, K.; Mieke, S. M.; Kumagai, A.; Gulsahi, A.; Zelic, K.; Marinkovic, N.; Kelmendi, J.; Bianchi, I.; Vazquez, I. Soriano; Spinas, E.; Velezmoro-Montes, Y.W.; Oliveira-Santos, I.; De Luca, Stefano; Ribeiro, I. L. Arrais; Moukarzel, M.; Cameriere, R. (2021)
      The diagnostic accuracy of the I-3M to assess the legal age of 18 years has already been tested in several specific-population samples. The left lower third molar has been extensively used for discriminating between minors ...