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    • A Systematic Literature Review for Personnel Scheduling Problems 

      Ozder, Emir Huseyin; Ozcan, Evrencan; Eren, Tamer (2020)
      Organizations need to focus on many parameters to reach their goals such as personnel satisfaction at the top level, profit maximization, increasing system efficiency and minimizing costs. By carefully examining the ...
    • Temel istatistik yöntemleri 

      Cula, Serpil; Muluk, Zehra (2018)
    • Understanding Protestant and Islamic Work Ethic Studies: A Content Analysis of Articles 

      Kalemci, R. Arzu; Tuzun, Ipek Kalemci (2019)
      This study focuses on two main arguments about the secularization of Protestant work ethic (PWE) and the uniqueness of Islamic work ethic (IWE). By adopting a linguistic point of view, this study aims to grasp a common ...
    • Young tableaux and Arf partitions 

      Tutas, Nesrin; Karakas, Halil İbrahim; Gumusbas, Nihal (2019)
      The aim of this work is to exhibit some relations between partitions of natural numbers and Arf semigroups. We also give characterizations of Arf semigroups via the hook-sets of Young tableaux of partitions.